With which one of these do you think
an identity thief can do the most damage?

a) Your Social Security Number
b) Your Driver’s License
c) Your Medical Information

... ANY of these items could lead to
identity theft—within minutes.

Credit card applications, job applications,
mortgages, car purchases, etc.
become an easy reality.
We Can and Will Protect YOU.



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What does my coverage include:

Protection and recovery starting from TODAY, even if your identity has ALREADY been compromised!

    »  Fully Managed Recovery

    »  GIM Identity Monitoring

    »  Detect Fraud up to 90 days before Credit Monitoring

    »  Work with preexisting ID Thefts

    »  Reduction in Junk mail

    »  $25,000 fraud restoration coverage (Covered by Travelers)

  •  Rest easy... Guardian has you covered!

    In order to help our members in these trying economic times, Guardian ID Tech

    is offering complete family identity coverage at no extra cost to the individual.
    Because we care, this policy will extend for the LIFE OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP!