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Individual AND
FAMILY Plan is


$12.95/ month

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Individual Plan is



Family Plan is $19.95/month ($239/year

$2.99/child per month)



Individual Plan is



No Family Coverage offered. Each Family Member would need separate plan



Individual Plan is



Family Plan is $20.00/month ($240/year)

Identity Theft Prevention  Guardian  LifeLock Identity Guard  TrustedID
Reduce Junk Mail      
Stop Pre-Approved Credit & Insurance Offers      
End Telemarketing Calls      



 Guardian  LifeLock Identity Guard  TrustedID


700 billion data elements Proactive preventition



1 million data elements



Proprietary technology



Detecting identity misuse up to 90 days before credit monitoring



Detect Synthetic Identity Theft



3-year look back

for all members identities at sign up



Work with preexisting identity thefts



Monthly Monitoring w/email alerts


Daily monitoring w/email alerts & phone calls  


Actionable Identity Alerts



Dashboard for Tracking and Reminders



Monthly enewsletter and educational tips




 Guardian  LifeLock  Identity Guard  TrustedID
Credit Monitoring
Online Credit Reports
Access Free Credit Reports
Identity Restoration Services  Guardian  LifeLock  Identity Guard  TrustedID


Assisted Identity Theft Restoration


(Victim does all the legwork, takes up to 2 yrs to recover)



Managed Identity Theft Restoration ******

(Manual - Assistance from advocate, takes up to 1 yr to recover)



Fully Managed Identity Theft Restoration


(Automated - specialist assigned to your case, handles entire restoration)



24/7 Membership Service/365 days per year



Recover All 49 Types of ID Theft

Completely filled out ID Theft documents      


Emailed recovery package with overnight

return slip



     Great FAMILY coverage for the same price as an individual. That makes Guardian ID Tech the solid choice to protect the identity of you AND your family, for less!



It's Not If... It's When!  Guardian Can and Will Protect YOU.

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