We are the ONLY Identity Theft Protection You Will Ever Need.

Others claim to be the best. We actually are. For one minimal fee that includes
your family, we remove the RISK of identity theft and the subsequent damage
that is often IRREPARABLE.

“When I was in college my car was broken into and my taxes were stolen. It wasn’t until four years later that I found out that a thief was using my Social Security number for his utility account. Your product gave me peace of mind knowing that they not only monitor my credit, but also my identity. A credit monitoring service alone would not have caught my identity misuse.”

-Emily B. (Seattle, Washington)


“I found out my identity had been stolen when I applied for Government benefits and was denied. My Privacy Advocate, Ashley, began the restoration process and found out that there were nineteen different jobs associated with my Social Security number in four different states. Ashley took care of all of the work and restored my identity. I even received a $2,300 tax refund after the IRS realized I had been an identity theft victim.”

-Jamie C. (Chattanooga, Tennessee)


“Someone broke into my house and stole my wallet. I didn’t know it was missing for hours because my purse was left untouched. In those few hours, one credit card was used and who knows what else was tried. That’s when I called a Privacy Advocate. Ed put me at ease because he knew what to do. He immediately checked to make sure no other credit accounts had been opened and he even helped replace my stolen cards. It has been six months and he has checked in several times to make sure nothing suspicious is happening.”

-Peggy C. (Andover, Massachusetts)


“When I learned that my identity had been stolen, I was traveling in Europe. It turns out that a woman used my identity to get a duplicate driver’s license. She then opened electronics and department store charge cards throughout the Northeast. If it had not been for a suspicious bank employee, she would have been able to cash checks in my name. It took over a year to clean-up the mess and I wish I would have had someone to get the job done for me. Today I stay protected using PrivacyArmor.”

-Angela S. (Dallas, Texas)


“I just want to thank you and your services for keeping me secure. My wife and I both have been victims of an ID thief in the past and I value your service. Within a few days of getting a new cell phone a few years ago, checks were bouncing and we received bills for new accounts from other cell phone companies. Fortunately, we discovered that our identities were being used pretty quickly, but it messed us up for several months.”

-Justin R. (Park City, Utah)

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