Custom Solutions


Guardian Identity  Monitoring (GIM) 

By proactively monitoring over 700 billion private and public data elements from banks, lenders, retailers, utilities and the government, our proprietary technology detects identity misuse up to 90 days sooner than credit monitoring alone. Monthly identity updates provide additional peace of mind that the consumer’s identity is secure.


Privacy Guardian



If an identity is compromised, a Privacy Guardian will personally contact the victim to explain findings and determine if remediation
efforts are necessary. The Privacy Guardian will provide full remediation services on behalf of the consumer from start to finish.


IdentityMD Remediation 

This proprietary, web-based tool enables the consumer to restore their identity following identity theft. The tool uses an interview
process to identify fraud type, generate personalized instructions and create customized documents.


$25,000 Identity Fraud Expense Coverage 

This policy reimburses victims for expenses incurred as the direct result of identity fraud including notary fees, certified mail and long
distance charges.
(Refer to policy for specific details)


Reduce Junk Mail 

Almost 20% of identity theft is the result of stolen mail. By reducing junk mail, opportunities for exposing personal information to thieves are limited.


Stop Pre-Approved Credit and Insurance Offers


Pre-approved offers are an easy target for fraudsters to obtain key identifying elements necessary to steal an identity.


End Telephone Solicitations


Enrolling with the National Do Not Call Registry ends annoying telephone solicitations while reducing identity exposure to third parties.


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