Full Service Remediation


   Privacy Guardians     Identity Theft Restoration Includes:

Guardian employs a dedicated team of professionals that provide world class service and expertise in identity theft restoration.

In the event of identity theft, the victim will be assigned a  dedicated Privacy Guardian that will act on behalf of the customer to completely restore their  identity.

The victim will know their Privacy Guardian by name and will be able to have a personal proponent for their identity restoration.


Our Privacy Guardians have been trained by and receive continued support from the Identity Theft Resource Center, the primary national non-prot that focuses on identity theft.

Privacy Guardians are also Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists by the Institute of Fraud Risk Management.




Dedicated case manager to act on behalf of the victim.

Identity restoration experts trained by the Identity Theft Resource Center.


Investigation and confirmation of fraudulent activity including known,
unknown, and potentially complicated sources of identity theft.


Resolution of key issues by maintaining and explaining the fraud victim’s rights.


Placing phone calls and preparing appropriate documentation on the  victim’s behalf including anything from dispute letters to defensible complaints.


Issuing fraud alerts and victim’s statements when necessary, with the
three consumer credit reporting agencies, Federal Trade Commission, Social Security Administration and the U.S. Postal Service.


Completing and providing copies of all documentation, correspondence, forms and letters for the victim’s records.


Contacting, following up and escalating issues with affected agencies and institutions.


Providing restoration beyond just credit including criminal, DMV, medical records, etc.


Real time access to public records such as DMV, criminal, address changes, liens, judgments and more.


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