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   GuardianArmor     Solid Protection

GuardianArmor offers consumers a comprehensive and proactive defense against identity theft.


Features include:


Guardian Identity Monitoring (GIM)
We create a GIM identity blueprint using Social Security number, name, address, phone, and date of birth to monitor over 700 billion data elements (and growing by 45 million more daily) from sources such as new credit cards, wireless accounts, retail credit accounts, automobile loans, mortgage loans, payday loans, check and check
reorders, utility accounts and change of address requests.

Guardian is capable of identifying anomalies indicative of fraudulent activity up to 90 days sooner than credit monitoring. This patented technology makes Guardian’s identity protection more than enough to stand up to 21st century crime.

Privacy Guardian Remediation
Our Privacy Guardians are CITRMS® Certified and ITRC Trained to be experts in identity restoration. If we detect suspicious activity a Privacy Guardian will:

► Initiate a live phone call to discuss any fraudulent activity associated with the account

► Act as a dedicated case manager to act on behalf of the victim and resolve the issue from start to case completion

► Implement preventative steps to proactively prevent fraud






Additional GuardianArmor
Features Include:


Whether it is learning about ID theft, protecting a wallet’s contents, or even restoring an identity following fraudulent events, IdentityMD is designed to offer interactive, step-by-step assistance.

Out of Pocket Expense Coverage
Protect consumers from the financial damages of identity theft with our $25,000 identity fraud reimbursement policy that is underwritten by Travelers.

Solicitation Reduction
We help reduce the root cause of up to 20% of identity theft by reducing junk mail, stopping pre-approved credit offers, and ending telemarketing calls.

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